Kathy Hogan

By Stephanie Zahalka | April 21, 2015 |
Kathy Hogan

When I needed my website designed I really didn’t know where to start, it is not in my area of expertise. Along came my saviour. I had a meeting with Stephanie Diaz from Jungle Design Studios and I must admit that on some things I was a quite vague. I really only gave her a very broad idea of what I wanted so Stephanie asked me loads of questions. Being a visual person I need to see it, so I felt that I wasn’t a great help to her. I was however very definite about what I didn’t want.
From that one meeting and the vague outline that I gave her, Stephanie designed my website and I love it.
Stephanie built on my logo which I was happy with and I believe that I have ended up with the professional website that I wanted. I feel that the most important thing is that my website is what I wanted and projects my company the way that I am happy with, not an artists view of how it should be.
I have had so many positive comments about it. I would not hesitate to recommend twilite studios to anyone.

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