Logo Design + Branding

A logo is a vital element of any business. At Jungle Design Studios, we take the logo design responsibility seriously and will carefully create a visually stunning logo to represent the image your business needs to project.

A logo may seem small, but it’s your business’ identity, so it’s a VERY important small element. The rest of your marketing is completely dependent on your logo.

We’ve been designing for over 16 yrs and believe that logos are an investment into your business and this type of component can’t be done cheap! It will be the very cornerstone to everything you do! And should be able to stand the test of time!
In addition to our logo design services, we also offer Branding and Style boards which serves as a documented guide for use of logo and company branding themes for all types of marketing, printing or online representation of their company such as Etsy stores, blogging and social media branding.

Who Are You?

Customers will develop an opinion of your brand within the first few seconds of viewing it. Make it the right impression. We can help you find the precise message to clearly speak to who you are as a company. It’s the most important three seconds of your business life.

Consistency Across the Board

The colours we use in the logo will become your colour palette that will extend across your entire brand. From web to print to package design and advertising, your clients will recognize your company by the visual impressions you make.

The client is included in the process every step of the way. This is to ensure the highest quality and satisfaction. You will get exactly what you wanted. Logos are important for brand recognition and is a must for every business or company.

Branding Style Board

With our branding packages we will build a Branding Style Board which will include all of the elements for your brand and marketing.

Matching social media icons, imagery and patterns can also be added for use on blogs, sites like Etsy and your own website and marketing materials. This board can and should be used as a reference for all marketing for your brand.

brand boards include:

  • logo
  • color palette
  • secondary logo option
  • submark or brand element
  • patterns / textures
  • 2-3 font recommendations

The Experience



We have a chat over the phone or over a cup of coffee and complete the project / design questionnaire so I can learn about your goals, vision and inspiration.



Based on your questionnaire I will create a color palette and font / typography inspiration board to make sure we are on the right track and have the style and palette in place before moving forward.



This is where we put everything together and design your brand, logo and any brand pieces along with the branding style board. We work closely with you and your feedback to design the perfect brand.



Once final designs are approved and all payments have been recieved we will present your artwork files to you via drop box & we celebrate!

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