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    We build brands and create identities. It all starts with a logo which may seem small, but it’s your business identity, so it’s a VERY important small element.
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    We love to design things. In fact we are a little bit obsessed!  If you need something cool and super kick ass created for your business then you are in the right place.
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    We are passionate about building a visually stunning web world.  Our sites are custom designed and made to engage and encourage the user to take action!
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    Offline marketing will put YOU in your customers hands.  Print will never die and we can get your visual marketing onto paper, signs, banners and vehicles.
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    Strategising for offline and online marketing. To gain maximum and massive exposure, we put together a plan that you can implement with the tools we design for you.
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  • If you’ve ignored previous warnings and your business isn’t taking advantage of responsive web design right now or planning on it in the very near future, you are in danger of going out of business in 2014. There are three exceptions to the rule; you don’t depend on your website to stay in business, you have no competitors, or you are familiar with responsive design, you’ve already verified it’s…
  • Lately the word going around is “design no longer matters” and, that in today’s world, the words and content on websites means more for supporting SEO and overall online business strength. Here are some valid reasons why this is no longer true……… Quoting New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in a recent interview in the annual design issue of Fast Company magazine, he noted, “Design does matter. And not…
  • Do you currently have a WordPress website?  Are you bored with the design / theme of your site? Well, if you are then you need to read our post.  We have a new service where we design you a brand new custom theme for your WordPress site, upload and configure and you can switch to it anytime with the click of a button!  Now that is just COOL! Our…
  • Facebook Cover Photo – an incredibly large piece of real estate on your facebook page! Utilise it! If you are not or have some random image or the icky default image (you’d better not) then you need to contact us ASAP. Use this space for maximum effect and advertise to your followers, likers and friends. Update it often and take advantage of this space. While you’re at it, check…